Tuscumbia Landing in the Present-day

  • <p>Muscle Shoals Sound Studios</p>

Tuscumbia Landing never recovered from the Civil War, yet the Shoals region thrived. The economic swings of Reconstruction and the Depression led to an influx in government projects to benefit the region. One of those was the TVA. Today, Sheffield is known as home of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, where such artists as The Rolling Stones, Cher, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, and various others recorded some of their hits with local music legends and studio band The Swampers.

  • <p>The Tennessee River from the riverside of Tuscumbia Landing</p>
  • <p>The Tennessee River from Tuscumbia Landing</p>

Due to the efforts of the National Park Service, Native American tribal nations, the city of Sheffield, and other groups, Tuscumbia Landing is being redeveloped as an interpretive site along the Trail of Tears. The trail follows the original line of the Tuscumbia, Courtland, & Decatur Railroad and ends with an overlook where Spring Creek and the Tennessee River meet. On the waterline below the overlook are the remains of the jetty, on which both people and trade goods were transferred from rail to boat. Atop the bluff, is the site of the original depot, where an overlook boardwalk will soon stand.

Image: MSNHA