The Stricklin Building

  • <p>News article, April 2, 1946</p>
  • <p>News article announcing Sharp &amp; Killen Department Store, 1947</p>
  • <p>1947 article, continued</p>
  • <p>Sharp &amp; Killen Department Store, c.1950</p>
  • <p>Florence Christmas Parade passes Sharp &amp; Killen, c.1950</p>
  • <p>Florence Christmas Parade passes Sharp &amp; Killen, c.1950</p>
  • <p>Sterchi Bros. sign visible on the Stricklin Building, looking south on Court Street, c.1970</p>
  • <p>University of North Alabama Homecoming Parade, 1978</p>
  • <p>The Stricklin Building was built on a lot previously used as a car lot for the neighboring Koonce-Perritt Chevrolet dealership, c.1940</p>

The Stricklin Building

315 North Court Street

Originally constructed in 1946 by developer R.A. Stricklin, the Stricklin Building housed a variety of businesses throughout the latter half of the twentieth century.

Sharp and Killen

The first business to occupy the building was the Sharp & Killen Department Store, an established Florence business that had outgrown its space on East Tennessee Street. Sharp & Killen only occupied the building for a brief stint before the Belk-Hudson Company came in 1952.

Sterchi Brothers

The longest standing business at this location was the Sterchi Brothers Furniture Store from 1960 to 1986.

Prior to 1946, the lot that this building is on was vacant with the exception of a few years in the early twentieth century as part of a livery stable and a few years in the late 1930s as a used car lot run by the neighboring Koonce-Perritt Chevrolet dealership, now a Fred's store.

Art Deco Architecture

The Stricklin Building embodies the distinctive architectural elements typical of commercial buildings in the Art Deco style. A cut limestone facade sets this building apart. The second and third story windows are multi-paned metal casement windows, somewhat unique to commercial and industrial architecture of the 1930s and 40s.

Today, the Stricklin Building is home to Big Bad Breakfast, a twenty-four room boutique hotel, and a game room and bowling alley in the basement level.